Roast pepper tapas


roast pepper tapas

roast pepper tapas


2 red peppers, 1 carrot, 4 – 5 broccoli florets, 6 – 7 green beans, 2 garlic cloves, a knob of fresh root ginger, ¼ tablespoon paprika, salt to taste and oil to cook, a couple of pinches of dried mixed herbs, a drizzle worth of balsamic vinegar, feta cheese



  1. Chop the peppers in halves and de-seed them, thus making a cavity.
  2. Grind together all the other vegetables (with no water at all) and seasonings to form a course paste.
  3. Roast this blended on a heated pan with constant stirring for about 5 -6 minutes to banish the raw ginger and garlic flavour and any water that may have appeared due to the crushing of the vegetables.
  4. Fill the pepper cavities with this mix, oil the pepper surfaces and roast for 25 minutes at 200⁰C.
  5. Remove into a serving plate and serve with a light drizzle of balsamic vinegar, a spinkle of mixed herbs and a chunk of feta cheese.