Mango and coconut yogurt crumble

For those who have a sweet tooth stronger than sugar, it is a herculean task to stay away from desserts for long. Without the sweet end, no meal seems complete and the craving eventually conquers all, ending in an intake of excessive harmful sugars. Instead, it may just be easier to be lenient on the sweet cravings and settle in for healthier desserts that have some additional element of nutrition to them. And these ‘healthy’ desserts can be surprisingly easy to make and impressive as well. My mango and coconut yogurt crumble is just one of them.

Mango and coconut crumble

Mango and coconut crumble


1½ – 2 oat crumbled oat biscuits (alternatively, use any hard crumbled biscuit), ½ sliced ripe mango, 3 tablespoons coconut yogurt (if unavailable, mix 2 tablespoons thick stained yogurt with ½ tablespoon castor sugar, 1 tablespoon milk and 2 tablespoons of desiccated or dried coconut), 1 tablespoon broken walnut pieces and honey to drizzle on the top


  1. Layer the crumbled biscuit at the bottom of a dessert glass.
  2. Layer the mangoes on top of the biscuit layer so that they make up      for 2/3 of the desert glass
  3. Now smoothly layer the coconut yogurt onto the mango pieces,      tapping the glass lightly as you layer to enhance the yogurt settling into      the space between the mango pieces. Avoid too much tapping to prevent the      yogurt to settle into the biscuit crumble if the dessert is for later on.
  4. Place the walnut pieces on the yogurt and drizzle it with honey.
  5. Warp in a foil and allow it to settle until served.