What else can a foodie write about other than food?

Hmmm…maybe for the love of life, she writes about healthy food. Maybe, because of her tingle for adventure, she writes about her latest experiments with food. Maybe due to her passion for photography, she posts some mouth watering, tummy craving images of food. Or maybe she needs to bath in the spot light today, so she talks about the luxury of food. Today, she feels like an ace cook, so she shall share her best recipes with you. Or maybe, its just that she just cant keep quite today, so she rants here…again about food…always about food…hoping that you will always keep her company. of course, you are a foodie…or else, why would you be here!?

meet her…ME. And this where we shall always meet…to talk and experience food using words – Ashkitty


signing off

signing off