Other sides of me

Yes, I love my food. I love the taste and the pure sensation of satisfaction that it creates in my mind and tummy, but even more, I love to feel it travel through me, energising me and filling me with life to do so much more than just eat! So here is what I do when food is not on my mind.

With a camera in my hand, I point and shoot what ever makes me stop a while. Explore with me how my world looks through my camera lens here:


I see and I absorb…then I mix that with my being out come words of true felt emotions and passion.Read them here….


They say that the world is book and those who dont travel have read just only one page. I love travelling and exploring not only the place bu the local culture, living in foriegn lands the way locals do. Fortunately, life has given me lots of opportunities to do it. I share my travel adventures here.


This blog was started when I was over in Tenerife to complete to complete a part of my PhD. There, I started writing the ‘Tenerife Diaries’ to show the lovely side of this beautiful islands that remains unknown to most tourists. This blog was then added on the Spanish tourism department to official Canary Islands tourism site! It can also be accessed from here


Click on the above link and scroll down to see the blogs on the right hand side of the page. When you click on the blogs, a drop down list will appear. Tenerife Diaries is currently the very first blog on the list. I hope you enjoy reading these series as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Come with me on visual journey…see tales of my adventures…my photodates with life


And meet my best friends here…I couldnt have survived without them at all:


Please feel free to have a glance and leave back your comments…