Nutty herbed pasta

This is a dish just perfect for those times when you crave something simply and healthy to get by a lunch time with at least some quality nutrition. The pasta is good enough… Continue reading

Roasted crispy onion bhajis

Onion bhajis are a favourite with all. My fondest memories of these spicy mouth watering bitings are linking to the pouring rains of Mumbai, when my mum would serve onion bhajis with hot… Continue reading

Quick bulgur wheat pulav

With its wide suitability to most cruisines, Bulgur wheat is fast becoming my favourite. That it take only about 10 minutes to cook makes it even better to use. Here is another quick… Continue reading

Traditional tabbouleh

Tabbouleh is a Levantine Arab salad traditionally made of bulgur, traditionally served as part of a mezze in the Arab world. Later adopted by Cypriots, variations of it are made by Turks and… Continue reading

The science of a hunger strike

Fasting once a week, every week is a something I have grown up with. Initially, it was mum and dad who did it, and then some how ,I got into the practice, like… Continue reading

Roasted mushroom and pearl barley stew

With my list of healthy food ever growing, pearl barley has been a new addition. Here is a quick recipe for a pearl barley stew. Coupled with butter roasted mushrooms cooked in a… Continue reading

Butternut squash and spinach risotto

I still distinctly remember that day, 5 years back, when I first tasted this risotto at Vinny’s, a dear childhood friend. I still remember arguing about parsley versus coriander siting on the kitchen… Continue reading

Aloo methi masala

Fenugreek leaves happen to be my most favourite leafy veggies. At home, the version we made was quite different…this one is a more north Indian based dish, but just as enoyable as ever.… Continue reading

Spring dressed potatoes

Its a shame that weather, here in UK, doesnt really feel like spring – the winds and down pours have taken over instead. But fear not…a quick whisk and at least your lunch… Continue reading

Spinach and chick peas chaat

Besides being my personal favourites, chick peas and spinach fall in to the class of most versatile ingredients in the kitchen. they can be used to make the most impressive, fun and classic… Continue reading

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