Warm quinoa and black chick pea salad

Quinoa is a great source of protein. Coupled with another good protein source, chick peas, and with a bunch of fresh veggies makes with salad exciting yummy and healthy. Ingredients 1 cup pre-cooked… Continue reading

Tofu alla pesto

Being a veggie, I instantly took to tofu. What a wonderful, soft and healthy replacement for paneer. Used properly, it can create mouth watering dishes…like this one…a fusion of Italian with Chinese…and just… Continue reading

Broccoli sabzi

Broccoli is a fantastic vegetable, high in fibre and vitamin C. While the rest of the world quite manage to use it in at least some of its cruisine, it is difficult to… Continue reading

Spicy chilli garlic noodles

If you, like me are one of those who enjoy making elaborate meals for other but wouldn’t bother as much if you had to make yourself some lunch, then lonely lunch times can… Continue reading

Seasoned Indian potato roastie and roastie toastie sandwich

Potato roasties are a favourite with all, but this one is a big hit with the kids. It can also be a great option for an alternative breakfast when cereals just seem very… Continue reading

Potato and aubergine sabzi/curry

Aubergines happen to be my favourites, mostly because of their versatility. One tucked away in the fridge is always available to rescue me in emergency times. From baked auergine chips to aubergine curries…its… Continue reading

Dry fruit cutlets

Some times, kitchen disasters or scarcity is essential for kitchen inventions. Trying to making dry fruit kachoris (dry fruit dumplings), I ran out out of sago flour. With everything else in place, the… Continue reading

Roasted spring rolls

When it comes to Chinese snacks, spring rolls are always at the top of the list. And with spring on the doorstep, these are a perfect side dish at barbecue parties. Here is… Continue reading

Creamy puy lentils

Off late, puy lentils are once again bing seen on dinner tables. With famous celebrity chefs experimenting more with traditional food ingredients, its a great time for a come back. Puy lentils, like… Continue reading

Pasta in cooked spinach pesto

Spring is here, the colours are out and so is the warmth. Lovely shining days perfect for picnics and reading books, lying on the grass. Combining these pleasures with the lighter flavours of… Continue reading

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