Seeded tomato and avocado salad

Lycopene is recent new antioxidant found in quite a few red coloured fruits, but most famously in tomatoes. Along with all its potent antioxidant properties, it has also been evidenced to be an… Continue reading

Thai sweet potato and carrot soup

For quite a while, my selection of Thai food was limited to Thai curry and Thai noodle soup. But running out of new soup recipes to try and trying to use up what… Continue reading

Baby corn chilly

A unique cruisine in India is what we Indians call ‘Indian Chinese’ – so flavoured to suit the Indian palete. And so popular it is that all localities have their own local chinese… Continue reading

Sabudana khicdi…Tapioca seeds snack

When you talk of typical maharashtrian food, nothing is more apt than this tapioca seeds snack. Widely eaten in even in the most remote areas of the state, this dish has now become… Continue reading

Seasoned tofu bean salad

While I go about making those different hours consuming exotic dishes for my hubby, he bowls me over by this simple cous cous recipe he makes for his quick lunches to take to… Continue reading

Black chick pea chaat

Being from Mumbai, you CANT turn your back to the chaats. They might not be very healthy, but they are definately worth giving up your diet and health foods for! But with a… Continue reading

Mango memories

With summer approaching fast, I can’t help but think of mangoes. Growing up in India, it hard to escape the smell of ripening mangoes in summer. Plucking mangoes as games may be a… Continue reading

Walnut salsa dip

For a nutty change in the regular salsa…a must try Ingredients 3 tomatoes, 2 garlic cloves, 6 – 7 walnuts, 1 green chilli, a handful of chopped coriander, 6 whole pitted black olives,… Continue reading

Oats smootie

So, we all know that oats are healthy, but they dont have to be boring at all. Here is a fresh idea for an even fresher start to your day! Ingredients 2 tablespoon… Continue reading

Potato and leek gravy

Ok, so, if you too, like me, are bored of the standard gravies to try your meat and veggies with, here is fresh new option. I think I did here mention of this… Continue reading

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