Haryali daal tadka…yellow lentil soup with freshly grinded greens

haryali daal tadka

haryali daal tadka


1 cup finely chopped onions, 2 cups washed spinach, 1 cup chopped coriander, 2 – 3 green chillies, ½ cup coconut, 1 cup yellow moong daal, 3 – 4 largely cut garlic cloves, ½ tablespoon mixed cumin-coriander powder, ¼ tablespoon amchur (mango powder) or lemon salt, a pinch of turmeric, 1 tablespoon freshly chopped ginger, 1 tablespoon ghee/butter, salt to taste and oil to cook.


  1. Make the haryali masala by grinding spinach, coconut, coriander, ginger and green chillies together into a smooth paste.
  2. Add turmeric and pressure cook the moong daal till it is ¾ cooked.
  3. Heat oil in a pan and temper it with a pinch of aestofida.
  4. Add the onions to it and then add required amount of salt. Cook the onions till they are translucent.
  5. Add the precooked daal and haryali masala to it.
  6. Add amchur powder (or lemon salt) and the mixed cumin-coriander powder to it.
  7. Top it with ½ cup of water and shimmer for about 7 – 10 minutes.
  8. Heat the ghee/butter in another pan.
  9. Crush the largely cut garlic pieces with a masher so that the pieces are crushed but not ground. Add this to the heated ghee to temper it with the garlic flavour.
  10. Then add the ghee to the cooking daal and shimmer for another 5 minutes.
  11. Garnish with coriander


Try adding 1 cup of blanched meethi (fenugreek leaves) to the haryali masala. In absence of both amchur powder and lemon salt, tomatoes can be used. Along with garlic, dried red chillies can also be used to temper the ghee in the last stages. However, this will make the daal a little spicier.