Aubergine and fig salad

I must admit that aubergine has not always been a chosen one for me. But then I discovered the joy of roasted and grilled aubergines and it completely changed my world, especially for… Continue reading

Mango and coconut yogurt crumble

For those who have a sweet tooth stronger than sugar, it is a herculean task to stay away from desserts for long. Without the sweet end, no meal seems complete and the craving… Continue reading

Rice-stuffed peppers

Peppers have always been a favourite in my household, so these is never really an excess of them. But when there is, there is nothing as good a food treat as this baked… Continue reading

Italian winter warmer salad

This is an excellant winter recipe inspired by my recent visit to the Kew Gardens over the Christmas break. Bleak as it may be around these lawns in winter, this salad definately made… Continue reading

Mexican stuffed sweet pepper

I love Mexican food…most of it is quite easy and relatively nutritious as well. here is one such recipe. easy to make, it can be quite a show stopper at a party as… Continue reading

Meethi matar malai

Meethi or fenugreek leaves are great nutritious greens, packed with antioxidants and antibiotics. But I love these slightly bitter leaves only because they make a delious creamy curry with a completely different texture… Continue reading

Pea and water cress risotto

Summer is long gone now, here in the UK. But then there are always those days when your tummy just aches for a light fuss free meal. And here is just a perfect… Continue reading

Mexican salsa rice

I love all things Mexican. The variation in the favours is pleasing and the freshness of the food is most welcoming. This past weekend, it was like a mini Mexican festival for me… Continue reading

Rice roasties…bhaat na muthiya

‘Bhaat na muthiya’ is a traditional gujrati dish that every gujrati household turns to as a best way to utilise stale rice.  I remember my granny making these time and again. Then, I… Continue reading

Deep blush soup

A blush of love…that is all I could think of when I saw this soup this evening and hence the name. Yummy to taste, it is filled with the goodness of nutritious food… Continue reading

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